Monday, April 10, 2006


Does anyone know where to buy beads like these???
I found these from a company in the Czech Republic, but they only do wholesale at a minimum quantity of 1000 €!
Apparently they are called hollow beads, but since this was my only match after 1½ hours searching, I can imagine there must be a more precise description.
They are (if you didn't already notice...) like the ones used in antique christmas ornaments.


Snowbear said...

Oh, I hope you find them so you can share! They are beautiful! Are they also called mercury beads?

Mette said...

Ja, det hjælper dig jo ikke, at jeg også kunne bruge portion af dem. Det er stadig noget af en bestilling!!

Mme. Wells- La prof de français said...

They look like some of the Christmas ornaments in my collection, Like the ones that are garland. I hope you can find them, as they truly are beautiful. I am glad to find someone else who finds beauty in the decorations of Christmas.

Kristy said...

Have you checked out eBay?