Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas Project # 7 - Pixy Clogs?

Recently, I was asked to do a contribution to an international Christmas book. One of my first suggestions was to do something with red pixy clogs. And I was so surprised to be told that it wouldn’t work because pixies (and their clogs) are only a part of the Danish Christmas tradition. Really?? I had no idea!
Anyway, I had already made a few projects with them, so here are 3; a wreath, a badge and a candlestick. Tell me, is this completely strange for my - possible -non Danish readers??


Snowbear said...

yes, it's true--we don't do the clogs here in the USA. We do the stockings!
they are cute though.

Linda said...

We don't have them in Australia either, so sweet. I love all your decorations.

Den gode fe said...

I think of Holland when I see the clogs. They are very very cute, the photos are perfect, but the clogs don't remind me about typical Norwegian christmasdecoration either :)

Anne said...

Så står der ca. 100 af dine fine træsko rundt omkring i Engesvang.
De var et af indslagene til vores julestue.

Tak for masser af inspiration, din talentfulde nørkler :-)