Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Project # 9 - Cones

This project is actually from last year. However, I still do these cones as I really love the combination of antique book paper and the sparkling spangles! The cones are made of rectangular sheets , which give them a peak where I can add a handle. I think that way of making a handle, makes them hang more beautiful on the tree than if I make the side-to-side handles.

Oh, and the wooden tool in the front? I found it on a flea market. I'm not sure what it is for. Some says it's a gardeners tool, others that it is a confectioner's tool to make cornets for whipped cream. Anyone knows? Anyhow, it's a very helpful tool for folding paper cones. Productivity increased by 400% when I found that one.


Anonymous said...

I have been readning your blog, so glad you`re back!
the wooden tool is indeed for making cones! In Norway we make conecakes for christmas (and other times of the year) called "krumkaker" very thin cakes that break when you eat them and can be filled with icecream and jam. They can either be made as cones or as cups. when they are made you cook them in an special tool (krumkake-jern - the same as vaffeljern but with a different pattern) when you take them out you can shape them while they are still warm and soft.

good luck with your christmas ornaments!


merete said...

Så flott blogg du har!! Du lagar mykje fint. Likte godt kremmerhusa dine :o)

Snowbear said...

what a great tool! Okay, I'm making a cone or two this year. I like the peaks as you describe--are you using a stiff paper to make these? Or are they very delicate?

Marie-Louise said...

Jeg kan rigtig godt lide dine kræmmerhuse. De er meget fine. Det er så skønt, at du er aktiv på din blog igen og kan sprede lidt af din skønne kreativitet og være en kilde til inspiration.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The is a handy tool, clever way to use it too!! Aren't you a creative soul!!