Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Back!

Finally Christmas time (well, almost...) so I can get myself started again! Because I do craft for magazines, where deadlines are 2½-8 months before publishing, my projects are always "out of date".
But now, it's the perfect time to show some of the projects, I've been working on earlier this year. Here is one: A ribbon filled stocking as a gift for a friend who loves sewing. The stocking is cut in translucent pink (back) and clear (front) vinyl and then sewn together on machine. Ribbons and hanger are sewn first to the front.


Craft & Bake said...

You did a great job on the stocking. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Mette said...

Velkommen tilbage. Glad for din inspiration - skøn julesok!! k.h. Mette

Marie-Louise said...

Hej. Der var du jo. Sikke en skøn julesok. Dejlige farver- god ide.

Snowbear said...

Yeah, she's back!!!
So glad to see all these posts! You will get me in the holiday spirit I'm sure!
I can already see a lot of great ideas cooked up here!
I've missed you, my glittery friend!

lindaharre said...

Your Christmas treats are darling! You have been hard at work and it shows:)