Friday, May 26, 2006


I took me around 10 years to collect all the bits & pieces from the beaches around the World. One little souvenir brought home from each vaccation. Finally they hang on my wall and bring me memories of India, Bali, Africa, Egypt, ... and I love the colours!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Rubens 4th Birthday Party: 1,2,3,4......over!

Hats are made ...

...table is set ...

... sweet chirping around the table...

....and bye bye...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cool link!

I just love the newspaper generator link seen at Snowbears blog. So far I have used it for an invitation for my son's birthdayparty to put up in the kindergarden. But the ideas are endless...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Showing Off!!

So, Pam was kind enough to ask for more of Rubens drawings (Thank you, Pam!).
To be honest, I would love to share this phenomenon with you.
As you might see, even if we take away the biased mothers pride, it is quite unusual for a child to draw animals like this starting before his second birthday. Or what? Am I just a foolish mother?

Well, here they come. A whole lot! I have listed his age and his own pronounced title to the drawings. He will be 4 years later this month.

1 year+11 months: "Foals." (He always insisted that they were foals, not horses.)

2 years+ 1 months: The artist doing "Foals" on our house.

2 years + 2 months: "Donkey and zebra"

2 years+2 months: "Dangerous Foal."

2 years + 4 months: "Ruben on the Horse" (Himself)

2 years + 5 months: "Rearing horse with wings"

2 years + 5 months: "Snail" and "Dog with spots"

2 years + 10 months: "Whales"

2 years + 11 months: "Elephant spraying with dust"

3 years + 5 months: "Buffalo leaving the water. No! It walks"

3 years + 11 months: "Kangaroo with young one"