Sunday, April 30, 2006

Special Delivery!

I have got mail. It made me speechless for some days. I wish I could describe the whole experience in my own language. Because this is something special! But you will have to deal with my limited vocabulary in English.

Super inspiring Theresa proposed a love-of-glitter-and-paper swap and it was my very first. But what a swap! I send my package early and she got mine before sending hers. I'm glad I did so. Otherwise I would have felt so sheepish when I saw what I got in return.

There was beautifully wrapped packages containing a signed copy of her oh-so-lovely! Snowbear book, lots of her sweet artwork, both printed and one-off, a super nice selection of patterned paper, a calendar, real vintage die cut scraps and all kinds of christmas details for paperwork.

And there was a freaking cool christmas stocking package including every little christmas thing I could dream of; spangles, American X-mas stamps, two fine pipecleaner characters (did you do those, Theresa??), gold and silver leaves, ribbons & glitter trim (ouuuu!!), handmade tags and stickers, beads, a fantastic snowman garland and more!!

I am so absolutely fascinated by the fact that someone living 1000's of miles away and whom I have never met and only known since beginning of this year, can send me such a personalized and appreciated gift! Not even my family or close friends understand theese little nuances in my world of paper, glitter, vintage stuff and christmas crafts. Amazing!!

Thank you so much, Theresa! It was a great experience.

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Snowbear said...

oh goody, u got it!!!
So glad you liked it!
I've been saving that plastic stocking for a long time waiting to fill it for someone special--it was fun filling it for you!
And yes, I did the little pipecleaner figures -- the heads are vintage package tie-ons from Japan.
Just do me a favor and photoshop out my telephone number here on your blog!