Wednesday, May 03, 2006

More Showing Off!!

So, Pam was kind enough to ask for more of Rubens drawings (Thank you, Pam!).
To be honest, I would love to share this phenomenon with you.
As you might see, even if we take away the biased mothers pride, it is quite unusual for a child to draw animals like this starting before his second birthday. Or what? Am I just a foolish mother?

Well, here they come. A whole lot! I have listed his age and his own pronounced title to the drawings. He will be 4 years later this month.

1 year+11 months: "Foals." (He always insisted that they were foals, not horses.)

2 years+ 1 months: The artist doing "Foals" on our house.

2 years + 2 months: "Donkey and zebra"

2 years+2 months: "Dangerous Foal."

2 years + 4 months: "Ruben on the Horse" (Himself)

2 years + 5 months: "Rearing horse with wings"

2 years + 5 months: "Snail" and "Dog with spots"

2 years + 10 months: "Whales"

2 years + 11 months: "Elephant spraying with dust"

3 years + 5 months: "Buffalo leaving the water. No! It walks"

3 years + 11 months: "Kangaroo with young one"


Anonymous said...

Your son is an amazing artist! I just only started getting mine to draw a human head that somewhat looks like a person!

Trine Als said...

OOh my...
Your son is very gifted. I´m sure he will be a known artist in a few years.
Drawings like this is not to be seen before age 6. Is he ahead in other things?

Kristy said...

I love childrens art!Well done Ruben. My eldest Lily has always been the same.As she was our first we didn't think anything of it until a routine developmental check where they asked her to draw a simple circle and she proceeded to complete a rocketship with astronauts etc!I'll have to find some of her masterpieces!

S Cooper said...

You should set up a Blog for your href="" >children's art< mine is a huge hit, providing a place to show off, what is normally hidden away to family friends and other bloggers and the comments can give such encouragement and delight!!

Bessilu said...

Wow; he is definitley gifted. I can't believe it!!

Tina said...

WOW!!!! Jeg har ALDRIG set så flotte tegninger, af så ung en kunstner :) Amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your son's art is great and as I am sure you know, ahead of the curve for his age. Great!